The thaw continues and so the field mud is back with a vengeance.

The Minions are not using their usual buckets for breakfast as we had to leave them behind in the move.  These coloured buckets are not ideal as they are light and tend to blow away so, after breakfast, OH and I walked up the track with a view to getting the Eggbox home.  We could also collect the heavy buckets too.

And the words “not a prayer” came to mind.  The Eggbox can just be seen just below the horizon looking a bit forlorn.

Yes, it’s a 4WD but the thaw makes everything under the snow unreliable and easy to vanish into.

This drifting happens when a northwest wind plus a good pile of snow = four foot drifting on my track in two places making it impassable.

So OH and I went and fetched the flat heavy feed buckets from the Minions’ old field and brought them home, ready for tomorrow’s storm – Force 11 at feeding time. That’ll be fun.

It would be good to get out especially to town as we are running out of supplies like fresh fruit and veg.


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