Snoozing and Walking | My Shetland

Snoozing and Walking | My Shetland

For some of us it was a morning of snoozing in the autumn sunshine.

I am always surprised to see the horses all laid out together with no one guarding against the little known stealthy Shetland tigers.

I did a double take at this photo. Iacs looks identical to Haakon, which is not really surprising since they are cousins.

And Haakon is really a Przewalski’s horse. I always knew this.

While Iacs is a sleepy hippo.

And Kolka is smiling sleepily.

On with the dog walk with me lugging my big camera with me.

It is not an easy lug (that camera ain’t light), but I think the pictures are worth it.

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Snoozing and Walking | My Shetland

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