Showing My Shetland | My Shetland

Showing My Shetland | My Shetland

It was a beautiful sunny day and I had a visitor, a birdwatching one. So, after a cup of coffee and good natter, I offered to show off my Shetland – my neck of the woods.  I may have had a bit of an ulterior motive as I want to identify and learn about Shetland birds.

First stop – Dale beach where there is fabulous view of Foula. Only there wasn’t because there was a haar (sea fog) waiting to come in.

Then we drove over to Sandness, about 4 miles away, and looked at potential bird-watching sites and yes, I was told what this wee bird was, but I am not sure I can remember….. possibly a chiffchaff (note-to-self, it’s possibly wise to write these things down at the immediate time of telling because I have the brain of a hen).

I also saw a beautiful Red Admiral which, for me, rather eclipsed the wee bird on a wire in the distance.

But onwards, ever onwards to Melby beach.

We saw Dunlin and Turnstone (I think).

Next, Sandness beach where Mr and Mrs Red-breasted Merganser were bobbing around.

And a White Wagtail.

With a Fulmar nesting in the cliffs.

The tirricks (Arctic Terns) are back too, which is always good to see. I consider them the spitfire pilots of the bird world.

I really enjoyed showing Shetand to my visitor but even more, I enjoyed learning about the birdlife in Shetland.  I know I take my environment for granted but it is always good to learn more about it.

Showing My Shetland | My Shetland

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