Scunnered | My Shetland

Scunnered | My Shetland

The little boys are totally scunnered (exhausted, weary, down-trodden) with the weather and, to be perfectly honest, I cannot blame them. It’s been relentless and there’s more to come.

So, this morning, I opened up the shed and let them in.  Tiddles ate his bucket of nothing and went straight to sleep, as did Storm a bit later on.  Albie kept on eating.

I felt very sorry for them.  They looked knackered.

They get to see daylight if the wind is in the right direction and I like to keep the door open during the day.

Tiddles perked up a little after his rest.

As did Storm.

And Albie was the brightest of them all.  I was surprised at that as he an emotional little chap – he wears his heart on his hoof.

I think Pepper helped.

I have made the decision to keep these ponies in for a while. The forecast is revolting so they can rest and have some peace and quiet from it all.  It won’t do their feet any harm either.

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Scunnered | My Shetland

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