Recording Studio | My Shetland

Recording Studio | My Shetland

There had been a request from my flute duet partner, Mandy, that we record a few flute pieces together for her father, who wanted to hear us play.

Now, we first thought we could just do it on our phones but then, as there is a recording studio in the house, plus a pretty expert sound engineer/record producer, it seemed silly not to put it all to use.

And then there are the fans to think of….. Monster under the piano.

Ted, who whinged incessantly.  He was quickly banished.

And Pepper, who annoyed intermittently.

Once we started, Monster left his bed to give us his judgement.

You can probably hear me shout “Noooooo!” as he jumped onto the keyboard.

We tried to play our duet but, to be honest, we had to keep stopping and re-starting mostly because of Monster who was more than a little unhelpful.

When he started playing with the leads with his paddy-paws, he was physically removed by OH.

But he came back. A lot.

Who me?  Annoying?

And then, of course Pepper had to join in.  Mandy and I were helplessly giggling for quite a lot of the recording session.

I told Pepper to go to bed, so she promptly clambered into Monster’s under-the-piano bed.

While Monster put in a complaint to the Management about his bed being occupied.

In the end, OH threw Monster outside but he reappeared fairly swiftly.

We managed to record one piece quite successfully, though there are bits I would like to re-record. We got halfway through the second when my brain froze and I forgot how to play the flute completely.  With that, we gave up until next weekend.  Who knows, I might even practice!

Recording Studio | My Shetland

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