Rattle your Jewelry! | My Shetland

Rattle your Jewelry! | My Shetland

On our après tea dog/cat walk, I found the seven sheep all sitting like an audience in a theatre. It made me instantly think about what John Lennon said at the Royal Variety Performance “Would the people in the cheapest seats clap your hands,” he said. “And the rest of you, if you’d just rattle your jewelry.”

I reckon Lambie, ‘Bert and ‘Ster would be rattling their jewelry like mad!

Especially Lambie.

Kolka came up to investigate, quickly followed by her field-friends and I dished out my three carrots to check everyone is still eating properly and I can give up my worrying through the night.

Kolka really is very pretty and is now turning a completely different colour since she has almost lost all her winter coat.

Bibble was investigative too.

And Haakon was ever himself.

While I sat on the ground, Lambie mushled about around me, coming close occasionally for a hug or a scratch.

‘Bert was sitting behind me, nudging me if I forgot to acknowledge his presence.

He has filmstar good looks.

And yes, of course, Monster appeared.

We all just pretended there was absolutely nothing odd about this scene.

So I walked back up the hill, looking behind me to watch my version of heaven…..

…. followed closely by Monster whingeing about the steep climb, long way to go, and WAIT FOR ME!

Rattle your Jewelry! | My Shetland

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