November Weather | My Shetland

November Weather | My Shetland

We’re only at the beginning of November and the weather is now officially vile.

I was on dog-walking duty today so we went out fairly early trying to catch a brief weather-window.

I was full of good intentions to give the dogs a good walk but failed when I realised that I was mostly walking myself. The dogs had gone home!

Even the sheep were in bed.

There is weather and then there is WEATHER!  They’re not stupid – except for Lambie who is not the brightest star in our firmament.  But at least he had the sense to go inside.

The ponies were looking for shelter so I moved them into the big field, which has the wee shed and lots of dry stone walls. They all rushed off and I hope Vitamin and Fivla remember the shed is open when the skies open later on (4.5mm in an hour forecast).

Fed up with the weather (you can see a theme here), I went into my shed this afternoon and made these two little chaps to go with their Mum.  If anyone wants sheep for Christmas, let me know. I am happy to make you one, two, three,….. many….. I have a variety of natural Shetland wool colours.  Email me for prices.

Finished, I went inside and, well, I have nothing more to say!

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November Weather | My Shetland

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