Northern Lights Last Night | My Shetland

Northern Lights Last Night | My Shetland

On Facebook last night, folk were raving about the incredible Northern Light display in their part of Shetland so I popped outside in my dressing-gown on my way to bed just to see if we had anything going on.  The aurora was dancing in the south end of the island so not necessarily going be near me.  There was also a lot of cloud about.

But I saw a little wafty cloud and took a photo not sure what it was.

It turns out it was the Northern Lights, or Merrie Dancers or Aurora Borealis, revving up.

The strange bit was that it was in the north-north-east which is not somewhere I have ever seen them before but I kept on snapping.

A tiny bit of colour appeared but it was brief.

Something creepy brushed against my legs…..

For a change, he was silent.

I stayed outside for a while. It was definitely worth it, if cold. I am not sure about tonight. Lots of low cloud, but high (plus) activity on the charts and the wind has turned north-easterly so it is getting colder.

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Northern Lights Last Night | My Shetland

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