New Horizons Fan Opens Amiibo Card Pack Full of Dreamies


A super lucky Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan snags an Amiibo Card pack chock full of coveted dreamy villagers, shocking other fans online.

One extremely lucky Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has pulled a slew of coveted villagers in a single Amiibo Series 5 card pack. Animal Crossing Amiibo cards have been popular since they debuted for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer back in 2015. There are currently five series of various villagers to collect in the blind card packs available for sale. Series 1-4 will work on the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL and the Wii U. For eager gamers still enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Series 5 is exclusive to the popular Nintendo Switch title, which has a total of 50 villagers to collect.


It isn’t just Animal Crossing exclusive characters that are coveted by fans. Last year the Animal Crossing and Saniro exclusive card packs finally came to North America. Those popular characters were included in the “Welcome Amiibo” update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf and unlocked exclusive Sanrio-themed items and clothing. At first, they were only available in Japan and the UK, making them very coveted by gamers outside those two regions. The same can be said for Series 5, which includes a few popular villagers that fans would love to see on their island.

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Reddit user kodaking007, an avid collector of the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, has stumbled across a true goldmine of coveted Villagers in a single card pack. They shared their find online and could not believe their luck. The card pack pull includes Sherb, Shino, Sasha, Ione, Raymond, and Wisp. Raymond’s popularity seemingly inspired a knock-off LEGO set recently found in a discount store. Other fans were shocked at this gamer’s sheer luck pulling a slew of highly desired villagers in a single go.

Other gamers joked that kodaking007 should try their luck at the lottery next and wondered which villager they would welcome to their island first. Kodaking007 replied that Sasha would be their first choice because they had previously designed a creative area specific to the character in the Happy Home Paradise expansion. They described how they created a forest-themed movie theater and would enjoy seeing that idea brought to life on their island. The brilliant thing about the latest entry in the series is how creative its players get when it comes to designing. Another Animal Crossing: New Horizons player created a Human Body-inspired island, which would be perfect for inviting some villagers Kodaking007 recently pulled to come explore.

Seeing the recent luck that this player got inspired others to keep an eye out for the coveted packs at their local Target stores. The Series 5 Amiibo card packs sold in North America include six random cards instead of 3 in Japan and Europe. Besides Amiibo cards, Animal Crossing villagers may one day grace the cards of other games. For example, thanks to one talented fan, the popular UNO card game got an Animal Crossing: New Horizons makeover. The Animal Crossing fanbase remains dedicated to this gem of a game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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New Horizons Fan Opens Amiibo Card Pack Full of Dreamies

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