And then there were Two!

And then there were Two!

It is been pretty obvious, even to me, that Waffle is better now while Albie and Storm are not.  Waffle is going stir-crazy in the stable. He is horrible to everyone and needs to go.  Albie and Storm were very happy to see the back of him.

And Waffle, who is normally the easiest pony I have, would not be caught. Oh, no. He galloped about like an idiot refusing to let me near him until I got him a corner and he had no choice.  Headcollar on.  This is not like Waffle at all. Time to be outside, then.

Waffle was thrilled.  Such a happy boy.

He cantered around like an idiot while the others just stood and watched. I think Silver went after him. They go way back and had some good games.

I think Vitamin’s expression says it all – Oh no, not Waffle back!

A little later, I went out to the field and Waffle sauntered up to me, all back to normal. I could’ve easily caught him then, if I wanted to. I told him to not eat too much or it would be back to Square One inside.  Anyway, this field is rough grazing and has been pretty much eaten back.

Meanwhile, these two – Albie and Storm – are not brilliant. Today is their first day without painkillers and I am dithering whether to put them back on them. I think I will, tonight.  Although a lot better, they are not right.  They are such good little boys (I never thought I would say that of Storm).


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And then there were Two!

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