Morning Faces | My Shetland

Morning Faces | My Shetland

I am currently writing this blog while a constant and tiring Force 10 rages outside – today has been tough and I have run out of waterproofs and patience.

Anywho, this is the sunrise from yesterday, before the storm started.

Feeding the Old Men and Lady is a 2-man job.  OH helps – we take two buckets each and pick our designated horses to feed.

I was with Haakon a little away from the horde so, using his back as a rather useful tripod, I took more photos of the sunrise.

I commented that the Gods or aliens were just high-lighting to themselves which electricity poles they were going to blow down this time.  We have had a few flickers since and candles, torches, headlamps, etc are at the ready.  I think the only thing I haven’t charged up is my brain.

Iacs was on good form for me because I was the one with the carrots.

While Klængur did his daily party trick for us.

It’s going to be a long week.  I think there is a lull in the wind/rain/sleet next Tuesday.

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Morning Faces | My Shetland

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