More Yesterday | My Shetland

More Yesterday | My Shetland

These photos are from yesterday at the end of the dogwalk.  The sun was out and Haakon was having a little bit of a sit because it was the last of the lovely days for a while.

Kolka was guarding against any potential marauding tigers – good girl, Kolka.

While Bibble was being Bibble.  It’s a full time job, you know.

Let’s not think twit.

Though, I will admit, it is very hard not to.

For anyone missing Bibble’s silly-frilly – here it is in all its glory.   Magnificent.

My little shadow was around keeping watch too.  She would love a marauding tiger.  Such fun!

But all we had was one fat white cat.  In the next photo, he is having a pee.  Funnily enough, I’ve left that one out.

And so the weather is deteriorating into a six day storm which we could all do without.

It feels like this is a very windy winter and  I am dreading trying to feed everyone first thing tomorrow morning.  Buckets everywhere and lots of trying to stay upright.

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More Yesterday | My Shetland

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