More Planting | My Shetland

More Planting | My Shetland

This morning was spent at Turriefield sewing seeds like squash, courgette, salad leaves….. oh, yes and sweetcorn (those were interesting seeds).

And then we took them all down to the polytunnel to place them in better growing conditions – under lights, mats and heat, though it was already very hot in the polytunnel and everything else was taking off.

Then we did some rearranging and relocating previous already-growing seedlings – there is a strict rotation to cater for their every requirement based on the stage they have reached.  That makes sense.  I am learning.

I brought home with me a large amount of thyme which was being cleared to make space for something to grow – I will dry it and store it for later.  Such a pretty plant and the divine smell too.

While I can see the glories of a polytunnel (or crub – -the Shetland variety), I am wary of the hard work required.  My back is pretty much at a shouty stage if I do anything too heavy and I really don’t want to aggravate it mroe.  I am also waiting on the results of the MRI to know what is actually going on – ie are the bulging discs bulging more, is the stenosis worst and the osteophyte thingies too.  Meh, to all of them.  All I know is that mostly I hurt in degrees of constantly awful to that’s-it-I-need-to-lie-down-and-stop!  I get no let up.

Anyway, home and I was met by Monster who was also enjoying the sunshine. He is a chap with no problems.

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More Planting | My Shetland

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