Monster Inc | My Shetland

Monster Inc | My Shetland

A horrible day outside and I honestly have done nothing useful today that is worth mentioning so I took photos of Monster instead.

A little known fact (well, I didn’t know this), “white cats symbolise positivity, purity, and happiness. The color white generally was linked to positive energy, prosperity, and good luck.”

But then I also read this, whilst doing my extensive research on white cats – “In some countries, especially around the United Kingdom, it’s believed you will live in poverty and lose all of your money if you own a white cat.”

I read this last bit out loud and OH replied “well, that’s about right!”

I think we are lucky to have Monster and I also think Pepper is very lucky to still be alive. They play some fearsome games together but remain the best of friends.  Ted and Monster have reached an understanding.

I wish we knew anything about Monster’s background.  We know his original name but were asked to change it by the SSCPA when he was rehomed with us.  I like to imagine the little kitten Monsters all over East Scotland as he was a tomcat for many years! I bet they were all enchanting too, like their dear old dad.

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Monster Inc | My Shetland

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