Ted’s Turn | My Shetland

Ted’s Turn | My Shetland

Ted’s last appointment with the dog groomers was six months ago.

He is now revolting.

So today was the day – I have had this appointment booked for six months.

Ted travelled well – a few whinges but he soon settled – and I let him out for a pee before he went in.

Ted was away for just over 2 hours and I went into town and trawled around Tesco’s, Commercial Street for messages and chips and then back to collect a now-gorgeous and better-smelling Ted.

Short back and sides, please and are you going anywhere nice for your holidays?!

And now we all love Ted again because he doesn’t look like a health hazard.

He has been transformed to be all sleek and shiny.

So handsome (I think he can wear his red coat outside, though) and I’ve booked him back in for 3 months’ time as 6 months is just too long an interval.

Apparently Pepper really missed her friend today. She almost didn’t want to go on a dog walk. Almost.

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Ted’s Turn | My Shetland

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