Less Drama Today | My Shetland

Less Drama Today | My Shetland

My new stamp has arrived and  I am thrilled with it. Just awaiting now the round 1″ brown labels to arrive and then it will be all systems go on sales this year of the sheeple.

(I also splurged and added a self-address stamp for parcels, etc. which will come in handy.)

And back with Vitamin.  She trotted up to me this morning for her breakfast so “the b***h is back” and I could not be happier.

She has two meals a day while she is on the antibiotics, rug off weather-permitting during the day and she is full-on hating all her so-called friends who diligently waited for her by the gate while the vet visited.

When I saw Vitamin tell-off Storm, I knew the antibiotics are doing their job (poor boy had done nothing to deserve that).

So I am much relieved.

Meanwhile, the Minions were into everything while I was busy trying to give Vitamin her afternoon bucket (Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra), her antibiotic injection (that mare has the hide of a rhino) plus put her rug on for the night.

Thank you, Newt!

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Less Drama Today | My Shetland

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