Leading the Way for Change Across the Globe

Leading the Way for Change Across the Globe

At the heart of Animal Equality, undercover investigations remain a crucial role in exposing the cruelty and abuse behind closed doors of the argicultural industry. As we look ahead, our investigations will become a resource for change by generating irrefutable evidence, partnering with journalists, legislators, and law enforcement.

A message from Sean Thomas, International Director of Investigations for Investigations

Animal Equality has started 2023 by presenting investigation findings from clandestine slaughterhouses in Brazil, pig farms in Italy, cows and buffaloes suffering on dairy farms in India and salmon and trout pulled from the water and left to suffocate on factory fish farm slaughter boats in the United Kingdom.

The goal of investigations is to provide a window to the suffering of animals, such as capturing a mother pig in endless months of confinement or hearing the sound of the metal door slamming shut as a cow watches the one in front of her enter the killbox, and to bring that reality to a public that only sees products on supermarket shelves. Our work is to show that animals’ fear and suffering and pain is real, and to bring into discussion the treatment of those that have been left out of compassionate consideration.

We have to combat the secrecy of industrial facilities whose opacity is bolstered by wealth gained through exploitation.  We have to be resilient to combat a public who may ask “do they really suffer?” Or “isn’t that just a one-off incident, most companies aren’t like that” or “what does it matter if we are going to kill and eat them anyways?”  We have to have an answer for every question and facts counter every doubt.

To further these goals recruiting and developing the investigations teams in each country is a major focus this year.  Building the experience of Investigators who can seamlessly gather images while enduring the emotional toll of bearing witness maintaining Animal Equality as one of the few global organizations with a focus on investigations


With rich emotional lives and unbreakable family bonds, farmed animals deserve to be protected. You can build a kinder world by replacing animal food products with plant-based ones.

Our List of Priorities for the 2023 Investigations are:

  • Documenting supply chains relying on cruel confinement – There are producers and retailers who have not made meaningful commitments to end keeping pigs in gestation crates who are in our sights
  • Cruel treatment in slaughterhouses for enforcement of existing regulations in countries where they are robust and in support of new legislation in countries with developing welfare laws
  • Cows used for milk – calf separation. Painful mutilations and their sale for slaughter
  • Horses slaughtered for meat 

A strategic framework that I have always believed in is that when you control the information you control the narrative.  Generating irrefutable evidence from our exposes allows us to become a resource for journalists and legislators and a partner of law enforcement seeking prosecution for crimes against animals.  In 2023 we will be at the helm of this narrative driving change.

Let the industry know you stand behind animals and are against this abuse! Join our End Factory Farming campaign by signing our petition today.

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Leading the Way for Change Across the Globe

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