Lead Training | My Shetland

Lead Training | My Shetland

Pepper is three years old – I know, where did the time go?

And, in most things, she is a very good girl, although she went a-visiting the neighbours first thing and I had to bring her home in the car (oh, the shame).

When I go to Lerwick, there are dogs on leads in the street and I sometimes wish I could take Pepper to town as she loves people, visiting (we know this) and probably shopping.

But…… Pepper has never been on a lead.  It is, of course, all my fault.  Here, she never needs to be on a lead and I haven’t bothered to teach her.  There have been more important things in her upbringing like not chasing sheep, chickens, ducks, eating ducklings, being nice to the cat, etc.  She would tell you the list is endless.

So yesterday evening, I popped a lead on Pepper and she looked utterly bemused.  This lead concept was totally new to her but persevere we did and I took her for a little walk on the lead, with a pocketful of dog biccies for inspiration on the good behaviour front.

I had one request, that there was no pulling.   I hate dogs that pull on the lead.  So rude. But being new to this, it was up to me to teach Pepper what I wanted and she did listen and learn.

She also knows the word sit.

And she liked the reward for listening.

It wasn’t a very long walk – just up the track and back.

I lead on both sides and it was pretty clear that neither of us had much of a clue.

But I think we achieved a modicum of success and if I persevere, I could be one of those people who have a wee dog on a lead behaving beautifully in town.  I am hopeful.

Lead Training | My Shetland

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