Lambie and Lambert | My Shetland

Lambie and Lambert | My Shetland

Lambie and Lambert (aka ‘Bert) go way back.  To June 13th, 2015 to be precise.  That was ‘Bert’s “Gotcha Day”.

I got ‘Bert from another local crofter to be a friend for Lambie who had rather outgrown his welcome living in our house (he had started to eat computer cables).

I was reminded that ‘Bert was No 2 of our flock when he wanted his breakfast with Lambie rather than with the rabble.

Lambie had eaten his first and so was sucking up to me while we waited for ‘Bert.

I could only think this must be my birthday (which it isn’t) for Lambie to be so nice to me.  ‘Bert is always nice to me.

‘Bert enjoyed his brekkie.  Today he wanted slushy mush so that’s what he had.

Anyway, I dug out some early photos of Lambie and ‘Bert from when they first met.

First night together in the stable and not in the house.

We used to call ‘Bert “Monkey” because he did look more like one than a wee lamb.

Lambie gazing at Bert. He had absolutely no idea what he was. Lambie still is doubtful he is actually a sheep.

And this was a few months’ on when they were now the best of friends.   So sweet.

And two little films, which always makes me smile.  Lambie was such a, well, Lambie! Of course he was.

And now I must dig out ‘Ster’s baby photos. He was gorgeous and looked like a baby badger!

So, yes, Bert and Lambie go way back.



Lambie and Lambert | My Shetland

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