Klængur – What to Do

Klængur – What to Do

A little known fact – I have given up riding. It was killing my back. It has taken me a while to get my head around this, hence why I said nothing.

And Klængur is in “Fat Camp” at my neighbour’s to lose weight.

It was needed.  He was dangerously large but is getting less so, now.  I am grateful for this intervention.

Klængur will probably come home in November.

And then what?  I am not sure.  I will do my best to keep the weight off, but it won’t be from riding, more less intake (he can live in the Minion’s wee park, if necessary, sans Minions).  Yes, I feel bad that I am not riding Klængur anymore but, to be perfectly honest, my back is so much better from not riding and I don’t have his saddle anymore either (Daisy wanted it for Efstur).

I don’t think the Ginger Ninja is missing this riding thing.  I sort of do missing riding and, if Haakon was 100%, I would happily hop on but Klængur spooks at grass that looked at him a funny way and that makes things stressful and we all suffer.

We’ll see….. Never say never.

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Klængur – What to Do

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