Just Eat’s charming animal characters find the joy of everyday

Just Eat’s charming animal characters find the joy of everyday

A fox enjoying a McDonald’s breakfast in bed while her husband does the school run. A group of rabbits getting together to watch the season finale of their show while eating Five Guys. A couple poking fun of each other’s taste while one tucks into a Joe and the Juice ‘tunacado’. These are some of the relatable food ordering situations brought to life by charming animal puppets in Just Eat’s new ‘Joy of Everyday’ campaign.

To showcase the moments of connection and convenience the delivery service can provide, the new campaign takes a refreshed approach and refines the brand’s proposition showing that food delivery is much more than a weekend treat.

Created by McCann London, the creative includes a series of nine 20-second films, featuring animal characters who bring to life different customer cohorts. Audiences are introduced to a family of squirrels, student rabbits, a suburban beaver and otter couple, and city-living moles.

Built around real human behaviour, the animal-fronted campaign aims to shift Just Eat’s focus away from ‘takeaway’ and toward the breadth of the range of offerings it has on its platform.

The spots strive to show the various ways in which Just Eat can service different audiences and be there for moments in their day-to-day lives; be it like a squirrel nibbling away in bed, or sharing snacks with roommates.

‘The Joy of Everyday’ aims to show how Just Eat fits seamlessly into people’s lives beyond the stereotypical Friday night takeaway. Our world of charming animal characters represent real people and their diverse food experiences. Each moment is uniquely delightful and universally relatable, positioning Just Eat as the go-to for everyday convenience.” says Victoria Gold, UK&I Marketing Director at Just Eat.

The charming animal characters create cosy visuals for audiences who are drawn into the Just Eat world. The creative uses puppetry and stop-frame animation bring to life the animal characters and their enchanting yet familiar surroundings.

All twelve puppets were coined by McCann London’s Creative Directors Matt Searle and Olly Wood, and designed and handmade by the renowned Arch Model Studio, the team behind Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle Of Dogs. Real food played a part in the creative, with life-sized food from Just Eat shrunk to fit into the stop-motion world, highlighting the delicious range available. The spots have been directed by the award-winning Tim McNaughton of the Bobbsey Twins.

Just Eat and McCann London also worked in partnership with DSC (Diversity Standards Collective) to ensure that the campaign authentically and accurately represents the communities brought to life by the animals.

The campaign also works to platform some of the restaurant partners and grocers available on the app such as Franca Manca, Joe and the Juice, Honi Poke, The Real Greek, Five Guys and grocers Sainsbury’s and Co-op. Underlining the fact that there is something available for everyone.

“With a growing choice paralysis amongst consumers, we believe there’s no better way to cultivate love and loyalty than by showcasing the perfect union of our furry friends and the exceptional quality supply from Just Eat”, explained Tommy Smith, Managing Director at McCann London.

The charming spots highlight the importance of visual craft and show how it is possible to build a world that mirrors the audience’s own through storytelling. The creative spots use the captivating animals to bring to life relatable food delivery scenarios and show that there is truly something for everyone on Just Eat.

Just Eat’s charming animal characters find the joy of everyday

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