It’s Been Tough

It’s Been Tough

Monday was vile. Everyone was up around the house either in stables, sheds or wandering about poo’ing everywhere (my thanks to Iacs, Haakon and Klængur who took this job very seriously).

And then the power went off in the afternoon and that was that.

As it got dark (3 p.m.), I ran around hanging up haynets while praying everyone was keeping safe.  It was all I could do.  That, and spend the whole night awake worrying.

Tuesday morning and I put the boys out into their field as they had not really used their stable overnight. My theory was that they might as well poo everywhere in a field intsead of the mess around the house.

No power meant the nights were long and very cold. We are better off than most, we have a Rayburn (poor-man’s Aga) for hot water and cooking, as well as a bottle-gas cooker in the kitchen. Our bedroom is directly above the kitchen too.  The sitting room has a mult-fuel stove and OH dragged the gas heater in too so we had two warm rooms – the kitchen and the sitting room.

One of my huge worries was Waffle. We managed to drive over daily (somehow with many prayers – it was very scary) to see the ponies taking food to warm them up. Waffle was always shaking and soaked to the skin so I took a rug with me and that helped hugely.

On Wednesday, I threw my little ones out together with the Old Men. They sniffed, pulled a few faces and then just got on with it.

So, we’ve managed to keep our heads above water.

OH even managed to get to town for provisions and bought me a present – five yellow buckets!

A huge thank you to my “helper(s)”.  Everyone was brilliant.

It’s Been Tough

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