Into the Scattald | My Shetland

Into the Scattald | My Shetland

Scattald – n the common pasture ground allocated to crofters in Orkney and Shetland for use as grazing.

Our croft is surrounded by scattald.  The hill sheep live there. I needed to get half a bucket of crumbly peat earth for my Venus Flytrap plants so taking bucket and trowel, I went for a walk.

It wasn’t very far to go but it was a bit of a steep climb.

The views were rewarding.

Stourborough Hill is in the distance along with a few treacherous bogs too.  I know this because Haakon and I have fallen in them on occasion.  Possibly not our best ride, to be honest.

I wanted peat as this is the poorest type of earth around.

Local folk have been cutting peat here for millenia.  I was told that they used to bring their ponies carrying large baskets either side to carry them back home too. They would walk in a long string there and back.  I don’t know where they found such well-behaved Shetland ponies.  I wouldn’t trust mine to the end of the track and back!

Anyway, I only needed half a bucket.

It is for my three Venus Flytraps that have been flowering all summer. They have turned to seed now.

I am going to experiment – ie, plant the seeds and see what happens.

I bought these three flytraps last Spring and I am very impressed with how hard they have worked keeping the houseflies down.  They never stop eating.

So that’s the plan. I might look at a YouTube video just to check I am doing it vaguely correctly.  Like most things in this house, it will either work or it won’t.

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Into the Scattald | My Shetland

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