Inmates could be used at Animal Control

Inmates could be used at Animal Control

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department is willing to start an inmate program at the Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center, but it might take a while before things take off. 

At the county Health and Welfare Committee meeting Thursday night, Commissioner Blaine Wilcher said he spoke to Sheriff Jackie Matheny Jr. about starting an inmate program at the shelter and he was in favor of it. 

“I did talk to the Sheriff about the inmate program and he said he is definitely going to do something. He is getting acclimated and getting caught up with some things that are taking a lot of his time, but he said he is going to work some type of program out,” said Wilcher. 

Wilcher said Matheny will need to get in touch with Animal Control director Sherri Bradley and learn what training would be required. Volunteer Dana King was in attendance at the meeting and asked if this would be optional for the inmates so they do not end up with people who dislike animals.

“Is this something where the inmates will have the option? Because we don’t want people here who are afraid of dogs or don’t like dogs. We need people here who love dogs because the first time they are being mean or afraid. So it will be an option?” asked King.

Wilcher said it would be optional for the inmates and he thinks there will be a lot wanting to come. 

“I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting people who want to do it,” said Wilcher. 

When the program begins the inmates will help clean and help out where they can. 

“It would really be a blessing for y’all in the morning hours to get the cleaning done,” said Wilcher.

“And it will give purpose to the inmates,” said Commissioner Scott Kelly.

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Inmates could be used at Animal Control

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