I Caved | My Shetland

I Caved | My Shetland

It’s rained all day and it feels very damp both indoors and out.

When I got back from packing vegetables this afternoon, all the Shetland ponies were just standing around looking utterly miserable so I gave in. I opened up the small triangle of grass for them.

They can eat it for the evening and then I will try and lure them back into their padddock for the night – I don’t suppose for one minute they will come in, but I will try.

I also put Fivla back in her field.  She doesn’t eat when she is with the Minions and just stands there all day worrying me.

I was speaking to Iacs’ vet (south) and I mentioned Fivla’s depression and she told me about having a geriatric profile of bloods taken as well as an endocrinology screening. I have booked Fivla in for a vet visit next week.

If Fivla is not eating while she is on the track, then I worry she will get Hyperlipidemia which occurs when horses are in a negative energy balance due to decreased feed intake.  I could not nurse her through that. It would be too much for Fivla’s body to take.  Anyway, when I put her back in with Vitamin she started to eat and that cheered me up.  It is a constant juggling act.

So wish me luck trying to get the Minions lot back into their paddock and three haynets for the night!  I may well fail.

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I Caved | My Shetland

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