Hunter shoots fellow mistaken to be a wild animal

Hunter shoots fellow mistaken to be a wild animal

COTABATO CITY — A hunter accidentally killed a wildlife poacher whom he thought was a monkey in a bushland in an interior barangay at the border of Libungan and Carmen towns in Cotabato province Tuesday. 

The fatality, the ethnic Menufu-Aromanen William Rendoan Jr., who died on the spot from pellet wounds in the upper torso, was actually a neighbor of the hunter who had killed him with a shotgun. 

The municipal police forces in both towns and local executives had asked reporters to withhold the name of the hunter in deference with an amicable compact the families of both sides had reached through the intercession of Menufu-Aromanen tribal chieftains.

The slain tribesman was reportedly setting up traditional contraptions designed to catch wild pigs when he was gunned down by Rendoan.

Rendoan immediately turned himself in to the tribal leaders in Kitubod, a hinterland in Libungan, close to Carmen, after the accident.

He immediately confessed to having killed a fellow Menufu-Aromanen, whom he had mistaken for a monkey moving in the bushes.


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Senior officers in the Cotabato Provincial Police Office under Col. Harold Ramos confirmed on Wednesday having received reports about the incident, but immediately clarified that it was peacefully resolved by tribal leaders in enclaves of indigenous groups in Kitubod area.

Hunter shoots fellow mistaken to be a wild animal

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