Height Advantage | My Shetland

Height Advantage | My Shetland

I like taking photos like this.  So dramatic and the track has two hills where it is perfect.

Tiddles on his ownsome

Silver and Tiddles

The scrunched up pink nose (don’t think like a pig), the belly, and the short little legs in the air …..

An Abba moment – very Name of the Game!

Ditto.  Probably Verse two for the video.

Meanwhile, indoors, Monster made Pepper squeak for being too boisterous at tea-time.  They have this daily game where Pepper swings off Monster while he is asking for his tea/breakfast/supper/2nd breakfast, etc.  He tolerates her but today he didn’t and so he got her and then SQUEAK!   Someone said “Serves her right!” and no one was sorry.

And just when Pepper had recovered from her poorly paw too.  I have stopped the painkillers as all four feet where working equally and obviously the annoyingness is as good as new again.

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Height Advantage | My Shetland

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