Red River Valley Fair offers up unique animal experiences

Red River Valley Fair offers up unique animal experiences

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Red River Valley Fair has food, rides, and nightly concerts, but they also have some amazing animals.

For animal lovers, there’s great opportunities to check out the goats and turkeys, snag a camel ride, or watch some death-defying dogs.

And new to the fairgrounds this year is the Moo-turnity Ward. The calf birthing center allows visitors a chance to hopefully see a calf being born.

One calf has already been born at the fairgrounds, and more are still due this month.

There is also more high octane animal action at the fair this year.

Swifty Swine Pig Races are back again at the fair this year, and the pigs are ready to burn rubber around the track.

“We start training them, get them running and then you can just tell they have fun. The pigs themselves are having a blast running around this track.”

Hollenbeck says that getting to see his pigs run is one of the best feelings in the world.

“Never once does it get old watching the pigs run. You know, not once. The script and what I say is muscle memory and what we’re doing is muscle memory, but as soon as that bell rings and we open that gate my wife and I, we turn into kids again. It’s just the joy of watching them run around.”

And when the crowd gets behind them, it’s even better.

“It’s all about the interaction you know, and the more fun that the audience has, the more and more they’re able to let loose and cheer. It sounds ridiculous to cheer for a little pig, but once you see that pig running around in it’s silk with its number on and the number that’s representative of your section, where you’re sitting and you’re the cheerleader for that pig, it just kind of just gets you going, and you just get into it.”

Red River Valley Fair offers up unique animal experiences

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