Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Jason Dmuchowski

Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Jason Dmuchowski

Our devoted supporters serve as the beating heart of Animal Equality, infusing our mission with passion and purpose to end the suffering of farmed animals. In this Q&A session, we delve into the journey of Jason Dmuchowski, one of our compassionate supporters, as he shares his commitment to our cause.

As Jason describes, it’s effortless to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals, but it requires great courage to confront the cruelty inherent in factory farming

Q: When did you first become aware of factory farming issues? 

Jason: I’ve been aware of factory farming for a while, but there was some cognitive dissonance between recognizing the suffering and indulging in eating animals myself. I didn’t want to think about the process. If I brought myself to face what I knew to be a sad and unsustainable truth, I would have to change an eating habit that I had practiced since birth. 

I never thought I’d become vegan but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

It’s interesting: the image of the carnivore is that of a tough, rugged caveman-like figure; but I’ve found the real rugged act of courage is to open your heart and embrace not only the part you’ve unwittingly played in helping to sustain this cruel system so far, but also the unique opportunity you have as a human to be a steward of the planet. 

Q: What farmed animal do you connect with the most? 

Jason: Chickens. They love humans. They are also extremely funny. If you’re lucky enough to see chickens interact with other farm animals you’ll see what I mean. 

Q: Do you have any companion animals? 

Jason: Yes, we have two cats in our family. Ember and Fiona. They’re my girls. 

Q: What inspires you to be a dedicated supporter of Animal Equality and how has it made a difference in your connection to our cause? 

Jason: The work you do is vital. Farm animal equality, in particular, is the crossroads of all environmental activism: Climate change, sustainability, food supply, pandemic prevention, water conservation, and of course, animal rights – they all meet here. 

Join Our Monthly Heroes

Thanks to dedicated supporters such as Jason, we can shine a light on the hidden cruelty behind closed doors of factory farming, from animals enduring extreme confinement in cages to brutal mutilations. Your ongoing support is crucial in expediting our mission to end this abuse. Take a stand and become an animal hero today.


As a compassionate monthly supporter, you can protect animals from cruelty every day. Your support is key to ending their confinement in cages, mutilations, and other abuses.

There are additional ways you can make a difference in the lives of animals confined in factory farms!

People all over the world are driving change through their everyday food selections. By replacing meat, dairy, and eggs with plant-based alternatives, they’re making a powerful statement: animals deserve a world where they receive the respect and protection they deserve.


Pigs are highly social animals who are often considered smarter than dogs.

You can protect these intelligent animals by simply choosing plant‑based alternatives.

Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Jason Dmuchowski

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