Grot Day | My Shetland

Grot Day | My Shetland

Rain, rain and more rain. I am on coat/hat combo No 4 now, with wellies and over-trousers waiting in the porch on standby like the lifeboat crew.

No one is enjoying this weather but everything was, as ever, done.  I didn’t even skimp on Vitamin’s mouthwash and hoof spray.  I will admit I thought about it, as it means lugging another bucket down the field to her, but then I remembered what it is like to have something stuck in your teeth and I turned around and went back for her kit!

My view for the afternoon. I was in my shed.

And I put out at all the sheep I have made recently ready for selling …..

Quite the collection but I have to take some into town tomorrow as the shop is running low.

Selling is a bit of a trickle and I am surprised they have run out, but I will have plenty ready for when the cruise-ships arrive.

My little fire-hogging companion came too (always).  I swear she was a salamander in a former life.  She enjoys the crumbs that fall from my table – I may have biscuits!

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Grot Day | My Shetland

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