For the Love of Bibble

For the Love of Bibble

Currently I hold the enviable position of being Bibble’s Best Friend.

Iacs = Bibble, for many reasons mostly because he could trot incredibly smoothly with some poor unfortunate soul learning to ride around the school.  We would call this effortless gait his bibble.

Also, Iacs stands for I Am Completely Stupid, so you know.

Anywho, back to the plot….. Bibble loves me. Every day when I walk up the hill from the Minions he follows me and my empty buckets.

I put out a salt-lick so the big ones don’t have to share with the little ones and showed Bibble where it was located. I hoped if the others saw him using it, they might too.

He liked it.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Bibble is probably bottom of the herd at the moment with Haakon not far off either.  Haakon keeps to himself so it is Bibble who gets the brunt of Mr and Mrs K’s bucket-searching wrath when everyone is finishing up.  They are not kind and hunt as a team.

When Klaengur thought I had given Bibble something lovely, he waded in and was not kind.

And this is the face of the two of them when I waded in back – I shouted at them both.  Icelandics hate enraged shouting.  I think they knew I was not happy with the arguing over a salt-lick.  Klaengur looked contrite and I think there is a hint of smugness from Bibble, my  current Best Friend.

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For the Love of Bibble

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