First Proper Summer’s Day | My Shetland

First Proper Summer’s Day | My Shetland

Everyone was basking in the sunshine, when I went out this morning to give the dogs their run. It was very encouraging.  Summer is finally here, I thought to myself.  At last.

The horses have finally lost the last of their winter coats and are looking well-covered and happy.  The ponies need one last brush for theirs’ to go.  I will get round to it one day but always rather hope the wind will do my job.  I am not a great brusher if I am honest.  There is always something else to do.

The sheep followed behind me into the same field. They had refused to be helpful earlier when I had fed them and was trying to put them into a field for the day but now they wanted to be there, so I quickly shut the gate behind me telling them this was where they would spend the rest of their day. They come home at night as Lambie has to be in bed by 10 p.m. (and you think I’m joking).

After the walk, I found Monster snoozing outside the front door.

Everything is better when the sun shines.  I only hope it stays now for a while (rushes off to look at ten different weather forecasts in the hope that at least one says it will be be sunny).

First Proper Summer’s Day | My Shetland

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