Fivla or Silver | My Shetland

Fivla or Silver | My Shetland

I drove down the track at Leradale this morning to see two grey (white) ponies standing next to each other and I asked myself the question “which is Fivla and which is Silver?” They looked identical and for a second I could not tell.

(this is Silver)

And I gave the bucket (I think) to Fivla.

Silver was keen to have it, even though he had managed to get himself on the wrong side of the fence while still being in the field (there is a sheep gathering place there).

Anyway Fivla definitely was not sharing.

So Silver worked his magic on me instead – yes, I had a few carrots about my person.

It is funny to think that Silver was originally a totally different colour when he first arrived and I was assured by his breeder that he would go white.  He has.

One day, I will give Fivla’s bucket to Silver.  I know this and, only when I have made this mistake, will Fivla tell me!

(btw, this is Silver!↓↓↓↓)

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Fivla or Silver | My Shetland

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