Feel Like a Failure | My Shetland

Feel Like a Failure | My Shetland

You may be aware that I’ve been sucking my teeth about Vitamin.

Well, today she came inside, along with Fivla for company.  Vitamin was just not coping very well on the hard-standing.  In fact, she could barely walk and it was horrid to watch. I am pretty sure she has laminitis and I feel awful. I have let her down.

I am not popular with the old ladies but I’m sorry, that’s the way it has to be, for the time being.

They get a measured amount of hay-replacer and even some soaked hay, which they seem to be managing, albeit Fivla can’t share with Vitamin and they pull awful faces at each other.

Regular buckets are the way to go along with a myriad of vitamins, minerals, plants and TurmerAid.

Fivla can’t see the point of staying inside.  She looks out – I keep the big doors open if possible – and whinnies at the Minions.

Luckily, Fivla’s a wee bit on the fat side and so can’t get through the bars.  I expect you can see the van and a horsebox parked in with them.  At the moment, I haven’t sectioned the vehicles off with hurdles as I trust Fivvie and Vitamoo not to make dents.  Yes, I trust them. I may regret that.  If they Minions were in there, I would put up a fence with an armed guard.  I just feel so sorry for Vitamin.  I don’t want this to be the end for her.

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Feel Like a Failure | My Shetland

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