Farrier Morning | My Shetland

Farrier Morning | My Shetland

Stephen, our farrier, visited today.  He arrived early while I was getting all the Minions inside, one at a time, hosing their legs and hooves down to get the mud off – clean legs makes it much nicer for Stephen and I felt it was a bit of a must as everyone was so digusting.

I would like to say the ponies behaved beautifully, so I will. They did and were all pretty easily caught, except for Fivla, Vitamin and Albie who were last on my catching/washing hoof list and managed to not wait politely and went on the rampage instead!  Fivla even did a little buck when I wanted to catch her as she trotted off to flirt outrageously up and down the fence with Haakon, which made me smile.  She must be feeling better.

Pepper was pleased to “help” and Stephen was very patient with her, managing not to rasp her nosey despite her best efforts to get in the way.

Minions all done (6 trims – the old ladies were fine), and onto the Ancients.  I brought Haakon in while the other two followed behind.

While Haakon had his hooves trimmed, Iacs and Kolka mooched around the shed.

Once finished and out they went back to their field(s) and I returned to the Minions to put them back as well.  They had made themselves at home in the sheep shed while having all the feed bowls down, that I had tidily stacked (thank you Silver).

Stephen said everyone looked well with no signs of hoof problems, so that was all good. I value his opinion.

I am exhausted now.

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Farrier Morning | My Shetland

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