Everywhere | My Shetland

Everywhere | My Shetland

Nothing is sacred. I have nowhere. I am followed most places.

And then things I need are taken or sat on.

And sometimes it can be quite the argument to get them back too.

Often, there is no negotation available and I have to give up and go and do something else instead.  Note the claws.  I think I left in disgust and was forced to go and do housework. Ugh!

But I forgive Monster, because he is very photogenic.

Meanwhile, I have spent every other waking hour in my shed stabbing away making my felted sheep.  The cruise ship visitors are buying them up faster than I can create them.

These two keep me company while I binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy, crying my eyes out trying not to draw my own blood with blurry vision.  It’s not easy and I am addicted.

After tea, weather-permitting, I try to go for a walk to check on the Ancients. I don’t see them much as OH gives them their morning bucket and reports back.  But I do like to know for myself that everything is ok.

I am pleased with Bibble. He lost weight in winter but has put it back on.  Phew.  Good effort, Bibble.

And Kolka is the same as ever, shovelling as much in her face as possible.

Now where is that darn cat?

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Everywhere | My Shetland

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