Another Walk | My Shetland

Another Walk | My Shetland

The dog walk is daily.

And different folk join us depending on who is around.

Today it was Harrel-the-Barrel who jogged along behind.

And then Maggie, his mother, joined him.  They are a dear little team of two and I sat down on a dry rock for a hug from them both.

This was the view behind me…..

And the one in front.

Barrel was considering his mode d’emploi for going over the stream.

Everyone was enjoying themselves.

And then I was joined by Monster.

I love this photo. Another album cover, do you think?

And then we all joined up with ‘Bert who was sitting, peacefully chewing his cud, enjoying the rare Shetland spring sunshine.

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Another Walk | My Shetland

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