Everyone Safe and Home | My Shetland

Everyone Safe and Home | My Shetland

Well, Christmas can officially begin now in our house.

Floss came home last night, after a four hour delay on her flight but she is here and that is all that matters.  It was quite the ordeal for her.  And, yes, of course Lambie was thrilled to see her too.

And we all survived the immense storm (it was very noisy last night) and, although it has calmed down wind-wise, we have a Met Office 24 hour Yellow Warning for snow and possible blizzards out now.

Temperatures are plummeting as I type.

After a family conference first thing, it was decided that we would attempt a Christmas tree this year.  We haven’t had one for the past two years due to small puppy chaos.

We have decided that we can trust everyone, though I have a feeling I am going to regret this.

Now Ted I trust.  He is sensible.

And Pepper has said she will try her very best….. (honest, Mum!)

But, when he is in one of his silly moods, then this may be the year Monster fells the “Hong Kong” spruce, as my Mum used to call it.

Though, Monster is quite into jigsaw puzzles at present.

Everyone Safe and Home | My Shetland

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