Dog Walk Flowers | My Shetland

Dog Walk Flowers | My Shetland

Most days I drive to Leradale to give the dogs a good run.

The grass is not too high and they love it there.

Suddenly it feels like autumn is on its way, which is a bit early in my book.

It’s the colour – there has been a subtle change.  It’s definitely there.

Still, there are lots of flowers around (immediately grabs book for identification).

So here goes….. and, remember, tell me when I’m wrong, please.



Someone asked if the heather smells lovely and the answer is a unanimous YES!

It is incredible.  In the field there is a huge aroma of the best honey in the world especially when walking through it all.  It is intoxicatingly wonderful and I am always amazed.



Marsh willowherb

Grass of Parnassus

Marsh Lousewort

Red clover

Marsh thistle

Devil’s-bit Scabious

Devil’s-bit Scabious

Round-leaved Sundew


And, lastly, Pepper prefers to paddle in every stream….

…. while Ted prefers to keep his feet dry and likes to cross the ditch via the bridge!  I’m with Ted on this.


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Dog Walk Flowers | My Shetland

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