Delhi Police on animal seen at Modi 3.0 swearing-in event

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Delhi Police on Monday (June 10) issued a clarification that the “mysterious” animal that was seen during the live telecast of the oath-taking ceremony of the new Council of Ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet, in the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday (June 9) was not a wild animal but a common house cat.

Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister for his third term, and along with him, 71 ministers took the oath.

A video clip of an animal roaming in the corridors of the presidential residence during the official ceremony went viral, with many wondering whether it was a leopard and commenting on the alleged security breach. The animal is seen in the background just when MP Durga Das Uikey completed his paperwork after taking the oath and got up from his chair.

The statement from the Delhi Police a few hours after the incident read, “These facts are not true, the animal captured on camera is a common house cat. Please don’t adhere to such frivolous rumours.”

Delhi Police on animal seen at Modi 3.0 swearing-in event

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