Dentist Today | My Shetland

Dentist Today | My Shetland

Today started out with intermittent snow showers but I managed (with the essential help of OH) to bring the Old Ladies home. They were booked in to see the equine dentist who was visiting Shetland.

I let them eat the newly growing green grass around the house, just before he arrived.

And then, with the help of Pepper, the dentist, Stuart, arrived and we started work.  Fivla first with me on the rope end and the dentist on the front end.

I just wanted her checked out because she is slow eating and her shape has changed over winter.  I don’t think Fivla is particularly thin, or losing weight, but I worry.  You know me.

There was rasping and a little rearing, but we ignored that.

While Fivla was going through her own personal hell (no one actually visits the dentist for fun), Vitamin and Pepper were becoming better acquainted, which was sweet to see.

Vitamin has not been Pepper’s biggest fan but I think it is because Vitamin is always defending her bucket so doesn’t have time for the social niceties.  Anyway, they ended up good friends *** sniff ***.

And then it was Vitamin’s turn.  She had much done but, on the good side, she won’t require an anaesthetic later which was the purpose of the visit as our dentist achieved all he wanted to do without.  A huge relief as a 29 year old pony is not a great anaesthetic candidate.

Job(s) done and Pepper and the Stuart’s dog (a gorgeous labrador) had a good run around, again *** sniff ***. I love seeing Pepper meeting new dogs and having fun.  She was so happy with her new friend.

And then I took the Old Ladies back to their herd and everyone was pleased to see them home again.

One thing – the dentist said that the Old Ladies looked good for their age and whatever I was doing was working.  Phew!  Mostly I feel I am running blind on this equine lark.

Dentist Today | My Shetland

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