Creatures In Your Easter Basket

Creatures In Your Easter Basket

I’m not talking about poodles that look like cotton candy…though they’re really cute, aren’t they?

I’m talking about real creatures. Made by God. 

That look like candy!

How can this be real?  Look at that fuzzy yellow fur.  And pink and yellow wings. 

Let’s see if his face is just as sweet:


But what kind of candy is he like? I’m thinking those marshmallow “Peeps”… like maybe this guy belongs in your Easter basket. Let’s see what that would look like:

See him in there? It could happen!

Below, you see the Candy Betta fish… and they definitely look good enough to eat!

So these colors must help the Candy Betta fish hide in… jelly beans?  Maybe the speckled jellybeans you might find in your Easter basket.

Aha!  The Candy Betta fish hides in jelly beans!

Then there’s the Jewel Caterpillar…

I know, I know, it looks like a gummy!

What if there were Easter candy gummies out there? 

There are…little bunny gummies.  And the perfect place for our Jewel caterpillar to hide in.  Can you see him?

Okay, we need one last candy-looking creature for our basket. 

The Chocolate bunny!

by Mesa Terasita

Yes! It’s all coming together!

There are four different candy-looking creatures hiding in the basket above. 
So check your Easter basket carefully… and say a friendly “Hello” to anything unusual in there!

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Creatures In Your Easter Basket

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