Channeled Messages from Owl to All!

Channeled Messages from Owl to All!


Just now

As I was preparing (meditating) for my radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds radio show on WMNF 88.5 FM last week, I asked what animal had messages for me to share for everyone’s highest good. A beautiful Owl appeared, this is what Owl said:

. Be discerning.
. Keep an eye out for any deception from others.
. Always notice your surroundings.
. Tap into your inner wisdom.
. Go inward and still more often.
. Try night meditation.
. Keep your goals in sight – take action when guided – don’t force results.
. Be kind to each other.
. Eat proper foods dense in nutrients.
. Please regard Mother Earth as all of our home – we all share living here.
. Plant a tree if you are able.
. We love you.

Wow, thank you so much, Owl!

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Channeled Messages from Owl to All!

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