Cantering Up | My Shetland

Cantering Up | My Shetland

You can just see all the Minions at the very far end of their track that circuits around the field.  Little white dots (and a few coloured ones too).

I called them up for the breakfast and they all set off, some at a canter and the older ladies at a trot.

The youngest got here first and I shut the gate on them in this small paddock so Fivla and Vitamin could eat their buckets in peace.

I noticed that Vitamin and Fivla needed a good brush. I thought the remainder of their winter coats would’ve come out by now but it has not been warm enough and they’ve been wearing rugs when it was cold, wet and windy so nothing much has moved.

This was Fivla after a good brush.  She was much happier.

And Vitamin, also.  It is a tough one. I want Vitamin to put on a little more weight but I don’t want her to get laminitis (like last year).  However, Fivla needs to lose weight.  It is a constant juggle and worry.

Meanwhile Storm upset my grooming bucket, had the entire contents out and was in my way constantly.  Annoying, much.

And now the threat of more rain so rugs back on, despite it being quite warm.  I wonder when summer will arrive.

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Cantering Up | My Shetland

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