Can You Guess the Popular Dog Training Book by its Cover Colours? (Quiz)

Can You Guess the Popular Dog Training Book by its Cover Colours? (Quiz)

Can you recognize these reward-based dog training books by the colours used on their covers?

By Zazie Todd PhD

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If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of dog books over the years. Even if you haven’t, many dog guardians rely on some of the classic books to get information about dog training. So most people are familiar with at least some dog training books. But can you spot these popular books by the colours used on their cover?

I’ve turned the books’ colour palette into stripes. There’s a hint of the book covers peeking out from behind the stripes to give you a clue, but I’ve blocked out most of each cover.

Some of the books have several different covers, depending on the edition, in which case I’ve tried to pick the one I think most people will know. (That said, the different covers for Book 2 are radically different in colour scheme).

Most of these books are classics that have stood the test of time, while others are more recent dog books. To give you a clue, and as you might expect if you know anything about this website, all of them are books that rely on reward-based dog training methods. 

Can you recognize the dog training books in question?

How did you do?

If you got 7 or more correct, you are most definitely a real dog geek.

If you got 4-6 correct, you are still a dog afficionado.

If you got 0-3, well to be honest this is quite a hard quiz! If you recognize the names of the books–even if you can’t match them to the covers–you may still be a trainee as far as this quiz is concerned, but you are well on the way to being knowledgeable about dogs. 

The more of these books you read, the more you’ll learn! There are also some excellent dog books not included on this list. Feel free to let me know which books are your favourites and why!

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Can You Guess the Popular Dog Training Book by its Cover Colours? (Quiz)

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