Brushing | My Shetland

Brushing | My Shetland

As most of you might be aware, I am not a huge fan of brushing.  I am a very lazy owner but today I took myself to task and brushed the Old Ladies, Fivla and Vitamin. They’ve been on my To-Do List.

Vitamin (before) with her give-me-my-bucket, you, you person, you!

And then after bucket and brushing.  There is more hair to come off but I don’t pull out anything that is not actually falling out as temperatures are just out of cold with the hint of occasional warmth.  Some days we are double digits (and that’s Celsius!)

And Fivla poofed up a treat.

She is such a pretty girl and looks as the same as she ever did.  Our fairy pony.

And, again, I only did the bits that needed to come off.

Next will be the little boys but rain is forecast so that will have to wait until they are dry.  Brushing wet ponies is not for me. Hair sticks to everything.  They can go on being grubby, but probably happy, though Albie and Waffle are always first in the queue when they see the brush.

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Brushing | My Shetland

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