Blessing Ceremony for Animals in Rudow with a Parrot as Companion

Zwergspitz Mascha blickt zu Geistlichen anlässlich einer Tiersegnung.

Religious gathering – Animals Blessing Held in Rudow with a Parrot on a Shoulder

For the very first time, the Evangelical Community Berlin-Rudow invites animal owners to a blessing ceremony taking place on June 1st. According to Heinz-Jürgen Stamm, the initiator and a church council member, they expect nearly 100 people with their animals to attend.

However, there are certain rules that must be followed. The height of the animals must not exceed one meter, like dogs, cats, or even birds in cages. This is to prevent any large animals like cows or horses from causing disruptions. Additionally, poisonous creatures shall not be brought to the event to ensure safety.

The ceremony will be held outdoors in the church garden, not in the church itself to avoid any overwhelming cleaning costs. Snacks will be provided for those who bring their furry friends on a leash, giving them a chance just to participate.

Stamm came up with this idea during a visit to New York. While there, he witnessed animal blessings at St. John the Divine Cathedral, where any animal, including camels, cows, parrots, owls, or even rats, were also welcomed. In contrast, in Berlin-Rudow, the focus is more on dogs, cats, and other pets, with the idea that these animals enhance the life of people in the city or help the elderly and single individuals.

Animal blessing services have been around since the 17th century, and the intention behind the ceremony was to ensure good health for work animals needed to sustain human life. Today, dogs, cats, and other pets provide companionship, fun, and support to families and individuals seeking comfort.

In Berlin, the Rogate Monastery St. Michael and the parish St. Canisius have already been holding these events. Usually, these ceremonies occur on October 3rd, the day before St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day, who is seen as the patron saint of animal welfare. October 4th is deemed as World Animal Day.

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Blessing Ceremony for Animals in Rudow with a Parrot as Companion

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