Camera Wars | My Shetland

Camera Wars | My Shetland

These past few months, I have been thinking about whether to sell my iPhone and get a better one.

My photos are my blog, I tell myself.  The drivellings are just extra.

And since I bought my iPhone (13 pro), there is now a much better one out there (15 pro).

But do I actually need it?

That is the question.

Is my iPhone camera good enough for the photos I take?

(obviously asking Lambie yielded little response – at the time, he was in a mood)

Later, a friend popped over for a cuppa and he has an iPhone 15 pro, and also takes excellent photos so we did a compare and contrast scenario.  We both took the same photo and then looked at it.

Not that I have his photos, but basically the outcome was that his had more colour saturation, which he said was not a true representation of the actual scene.

Obviously Lambie had to be in the picture.  It’s his job along with his Winning Smile.

And all things my camera can do, my friend’s could too.

There really was very little difference in both iPhone cameras so now I am not sure except that I do love new shiny Appley things very much.

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Camera Wars | My Shetland

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