Best 10 Snake Breeds you can Keep in Home

snake pet breeds

What are the Snake Pet Breeds that could make a good company to you? Well, not all species of snakes are kept as pets, The most commonly kept snakes are in the families of Boidae, Pythonidae, and Colubridae? Although you can probably get almost any kind of snake from a reptile show or online, your commonly kept pet snake species from these families are listed here. (there are many other kinds of snakes are kept as pets.)

Most Populer Snake Pet Breeds In The World

There are different types of pet snakes that can make a good pet for you and Whether it’s your first time owning a snake or your 100th, these are the top 10 best snake pets to own. These popular snakes are low maintenance, easy to care for and make can great pets for anyone.

remember snakes are exotic pets so better learn before getting one in your house.

10-Milk Snake

Milk snakes are popular Snake Pet Breeds and it is the best choice for making a good pet, and with good reason. They meet all the criteria that make for a good pet snake. They are small enough to be housed in a standard-sized cage, but they are large enough to please most snake keepers.

Most of the snake pet types ​do very well in captivity and will eat frozen / thawed rodents on a regular basis. They also have good temperaments and, with regular handling, can become quite tame.

But there’s another reason why milk snakes are such a popular choice for pet snakes. They are beautiful snakes that come in a wide variety of colors, depending on the subspecies

Milk Snake pet
Milk Snake price:

The Milk snakes are currently priced from $90.00 to 150.00$

9-Green Tree Python

The green tree python is a bright green nonvenomous snake with diamond-shaped heads and irregular scales. They may also have white or yellow vertebral stripes, while some of these snakes have yellow, green, or blue spots. This Snake Pet Breeds Found in the tropical rainforests of New Guinea, eastern Indonesia, and the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, their colouration helps them to remain camouflaged within their environment: the bright green colour helps them remain hidden among the leaves of tall trees in the rainforest

Carpet Python pet
Green Tree Python price:

the typical cost of a Green Tree Python usually ranges from $300 dollars to $500 dollars.

8-Carpet Python

Snake Pet breeds include seven types of Carpet Pythons and they each have different colours and patterns. The most well-known species is the Jungle variety that is black with yellow bands.

Carpet Python snakes are one of the most popular pet python species. This is because of their attractive colours, calm adult temperament and manageable size. They are small when compared with many pythons such as the reticulated.

This species thrives in captivity but needs an enclosure that is appropriate. Read on to learn how to handle and care for this snake and build the correct enclosure.

Carpet Python price :

Carpet Pythons cost over $150. Depending on the subspecies, size and morph they can cost $1,000

7-Boa Constrictor

There are several varieties of boa constrictors found in the pet trade, including red-tail boas (Boa constrictor constrictor) and northern boas (Boa constrictor imperator). Thesecute snake breeds are native to parts of North, Central, and South America. Their care is fairly similar, and they tend to do well in captivity. While boas are generally quite docile in temperament, it is important to respect their inherent strength. Just as they constrict around their prey, they can wrap themselves tightly—and painfully—around you.

However, with regular handling, most boas learn to be comfortable around people. In fact, they can become quite tame and calm pets. these snake pet breeds ​are fairly low-maintenance snakes that don’t need much in terms of daily care once you get their housing and feeding routine down.

Boa Constrictor
Boa Constrictor price:

The price for Boa Constrictor often sells for as low as $50. Columbian red tail boas often retail between $150 and $200.

6-Garter Snake

Garter snakes are some of the most familiar serpents in the United States. They’re the first snake many youngsters ever have the chance to meet, these Snake Pet Breeds are frequently seen crawling around local parks and backyards.

Many people even keep garter snakes as pets – especially beginners, who’re just dipping their toe into the reptile-keeping waters. But garter snakes often elicit strong feelings in their keepers; they are small pet snake breeds that make excellent pets for some, but they leave others disappointed and frustrateed.

Garter Snake pet
Garter Snake price:

The price of a Garter snake can range from 40$ to 50$

5-Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes are the classic snake pet types that many of us grew up around, their wide range is a testament to just how adaptable they are. We have several types living throughout North America (The largest of which, the bull snake, is often incorrectly regarded as a separate species) but they’re all nonvenomous, ground-dwelling constrictors of a similar appearance.

They’re very hardy and forgiving captives with minimal requirements, but it’s their bold and curious mind that makes them so popular with hobbyists. With proper reptile products and care, these snakes can thrive in captivity.

Gopher Snake pet
Gopher Snake price:

The average cost of a Gopher snake is from 30$ to 50$

4-Rosy Boa

A Rosy Boa is a calm tempered snake types commonly found throughout the California sections of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. This Snake Pet Breeds can also be found in the southwestern corner of Arizona and the state of Sonora In Mexico.

Typically Rosies snakes have a light gray, yellow, or tan base with a deep maroon, orange, or brown stripe color. The stripes can be broken or neat and have high contrast. These snakes are calm and tolerate handling well. Sometimes they may ball up in fear and musk their offender. However, they are small and nonvenomous and are well suited for first-time keepers.

Rosy Boas pet
Rosy Boas price:

The Rosy Boas can be purchased for $75 – $100 from a captive breeder

3-Ball Python

Ball pythons are among the most popular Snake Pet Breeds. They are good beginner snakes because they are docile and easy to care for. Housing for a ball python can vary from simple to elaborate. The most important thing is that you follow several rules and check in on your pet often to ensure it appears to look and act healthy.

The breed ball python snakes are named because, when threatened, they roll themselves into a tight ball, tucking their head inside their coils. Young ball pythons grow about a foot a year for three years. They can live for 20-30 years with proper care, and it’s possible for them to live for decades longer.

Wild-caught snakes tend to be very stressed from capture and transport and can harbor a large parasite load. Captive-bred snakes tend to be more expensive, but they are readily available.

Ball Python pet
Ball Python price:

The typical pet snake cost of a standard Ball Python Morph (pictured above) usually ranges between $40-$80.

2-King Snake

Kingsnakes are one of the most common and popular Snake Pet Breeds in the United States .Rather than seclude themselves exclusively in the Land of the Free, kingsnakes have extended north into the Land of the Geese and south into the Land of the Best Food You’ll Ever Eat. These small pet snake breeds prefer forests, grasslands, and rocky areas. They are nonvenomous, which, in and of itself, makes them significantly less frightening.

Kingsnakes are a little more defensive than you might be used to pet snakes being. When threatened, they will emit a horrible smelling musk, much like a skunk. You definitely do not want them going off in your bedroom.

King Snake pet
King Snake price:

They are docile, easy to care for and cheap. Kingsnakes can cost less than $100 and come in a wide variety of morphs and colourations.

1-Corn Snake

Taking its name from the corn granaries, which attracted mice and then these mouse predators, the corn snakes are excellent Snake Pet Breeds. It is generally docile, relatively easy to care for, and does not get very large; it’s a great choice especially for beginner snake owners.
However, these small pet snake breeds ​are also favorites of even experienced keepers due to the array of beautiful colors and patterns selective, captive breeding has produced.

Closely related to the rat snakes (as cousins in the genus Elaphe), corn snakes are sometimes called red rat snakes. They are native to the southeastern United States, are mostly land-dwelling, and are active mainly at dusk and dawn.

Corn Snake
Corn Snake price:

Basic Corn Snake Morphs typically cost between $20-$50 dollars, depending on where you buy them. Additionally, Corn Snakes are very social and active.

How to chose the best snake pet Breed for me

How I can choose the right snake pet types, Some snakes seem to be quite comfortable in their owners’ company. Others may be agitated by being handled. So, in that sense, yes, it would appear that some snakes are ‘friendlier’ than others. But, this is a loose interpretation of friendliness!

If your pet snake refuses to cuddle, don’t take it personally. They don’t require empathy or affection from others, and they don’t express it to others. Some snake owners who I know do claim to have become used to the presence of a specific owner (probably by their scent) and seem to get scared or agitated when that owner isn’t there or when they are handled by a different person. I don’t have any evidence of this, and I’ve not experienced that personally but it is all about the types of pet snake that you will have.

How to Buy a Snake Pet

Most owners buy snakes locally from pet stores, although mail ordering from reptile breeders is also common. If you buy a pet through the mail or from an online store, make sure you know what you are getting! It is better to see the animal before you purchase it. Ask about a guarantee if the pet does not turn out to be what you want or is not healthy Snakes also are available for adoption from shelters.

Young, captive-raised animals make the best pets. Older, imported, wild-caught animals are harder to tame, may harbor more internal and external parasites, and often suffer illness from the stress in captivity.

Snake Pet Breeds Prices

In most cases, the average cost of types of snake pets ranges from 30-500 dollars. most beginners tend to gravitate towards relatively common species, which can help keep their initial expenditures relatively low. In concrete terms, just don’t forget you need more money to take care of your pet snake.

snake pet types

From where i can buy a snake as a pet

No matter which snake you go with, most of these breeds are available at some Pet Center. their friendly, knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the best snake pets. We also provide all necessary snake equipment, including terrariums, snake food and more.

So when choosing a snake pet breed, if possible, buy it from a reputable breeder or pet store. Wild-caught snakes can be more difficult to handle and are often prone to parasites and diseases. and places like this can give you a lot of information about the requirements of the snake breed pet you will have.

Care For Snake pet

Please keep in mind that different types of pet snakes have unique requirements, including a constant heat source, so unless you are prepared to meet those needs, a snake might not be best for you. For example, all snakes are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat. If you are squeamish about the idea of feeding your snake mice, it might not be the best fit for you and the snake.

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Most people are afraid of snakes but Snakes can make fantastic pets but if you’ve never had one before, you might feel a bit lost with your new slithering friend! Lucky for you because there is, this handy guide will give you a brief introduction to some of the things you’ll want to consider when becoming a first-time snake owner. Most snake breeds will have specific requirements so be sure to always do your research and check what these are before you make your final choice. As always, you can explore our website or speak to one of our Pets At Home colleagues in store for more help and advice.

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Best 10 Snake Breeds you can Keep in Home

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