Animal cruelty – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

Animal cruelty - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

THERE was tremendous hue and cry recently against a landlord in Sanghar who allegedly ordered the chopping off of the leg of a camel simply because the animal had strayed into the field and spoiled the crop of the landlord. After the video of the camel in misery went viral on social media, the demands for action against the landlord became louder, and the police arrested six individuals in the case. The camel was shifted to Karachi for treatment and care, as can be seen in the accompanying image. It was really encouraging to see people for once showing a caring attitude towards an animal.

However, there is a wider range of animal cruelty going on in our everyday life, like the beasts of burden being overburdened, and the dogs being killed simply to prevent rabies. The small suckling ones of buffaloes, cows, goats and sheep are deprived of their right to mother’s milk as even the last drop of milk is squeezed from the mother for financial gains.

Widespread hunting of wild animals and birds, including migratory birds, also continues unabated with the active cooperation of the local influential people and relevant government departments.

There is a long list of animal cruelty that needs to be checked. Activism spurred by recent tragedy should lead to a robust animal rights movement.

Gulsher Panhwer

Published in Dawn, July 10th, 2024

Animal cruelty – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

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